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The Osmond Family have been in the limelight for over four decades now, starting as a relatively unknown barbershop quartet and quickly becoming one of the most well-known families in the world. The Osmonds weren’t one single act, but a group of several acts such as The Osmonds and Donny & Marie. And many of […]

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Old Man Marrying a Child - TV Tropes The movie Osama ends with the main character, a female child, getting married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather or even her great-grandfather. The scene right before the last scene is on the wedding day, focusing on how terrified the girl is and how much the other wives hate their husband.

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Uncle Dale's Old Mormon Articles: LDS newspapers 1900-99 THE MANUSCRIPT FOUND. 243 J. M. Whitney, son-in-law of Mr. L. L. Rice, with whom the latter is at present living. On going to the house we met a very aged, but intelligent-looking man at the rear of the dwelling, whom we found to be Mr. Rice.

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Segullah - Mormon women blogging about the peculiar and. Mormon women blogging about the peculiar and the treasured

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Robert Patterson, Jr.'s 1882 excerpt from History of. Page numbers printed in dark red in the History of Washington County excerpt provided below indicate the pagination for Patterson's 16 page reprint booklet. The two texts contain the same material

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Hello. Cool, what I was looking for.

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John C. Symmes' Hollow Earth Writings - Oliver Cowdery A D V E R T I S E M E N T. _____ The Author of this work, and of the discoveries which it relates, leaves it to his readers to decide whether he excels most as a navigator or a writer, and whether he amuses as much as he instructs.

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Funeral and Religious Customs - Etiquette Funeral and Religious Customs. Funeral and Religious Customs of Africa. The funeral and religious custom of burying the dead in the floor of dwelling-houses has been to some degree prevalent on the Gold Coast of Africa.

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Marriage Customs of the World: From Henna to Honeymoons. George Monger is a folklorist (or ethnologist), and it shows in the eclectic nature of his encyclopedia, which describes the customs of the ancients alongside Western European customs dating often no further back than the 18th centuries.

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Balanced Harem - TV Tropes A Subtrope of the Harem Anime genre, a Romantic Comedy with one male protagonist, and a bunch of girls who are all in love with him, and equally close to him. The plot intentionally tries to balance out the relationship, with equal amounts of screen time, fanservice, and plot relevance for the girls.

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The Yoke of Christ: A Light Burden Heavy With Meaning. Abstract: Christ’s famous call to take his yoke upon us in Matthew 11 may merit more analysis than it has commonly received.Taking up the yoke may have connections to other things that are taken upon us as well, including the name of Christ, temple covenants, priestly robes, and sacred anointing.